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对话 | 杜维明先生与马来西亚总理安瓦尔
来源:北京大学高等人文研究院 发布日期:2023-12-01

2023年11月29日,“回儒领导对话峰会”(Islam-Confucianism Leadership Dialogue)在马来西亚首都吉隆坡举行。马来西亚总理安瓦尔·易卜拉欣(Dato' Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim)。杜维明先生受邀为大会发表主旨演讲。演讲之后,安瓦尔总理与杜先生进行了对话。


Dato' Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim
The Prime Minister, Malaysia



Tu Weiming

Professor and DirectorInstitute for Advanced Humanistic Studies, PKU


Professor TU Weiming, can you hear me? 


Good. It's a real pleasure to speak to you and get back in touch with you. And you look extremely well. And I remember those days. Let me express also at the personal level that not only I admire your tenacity as a scholar, but also as a friend. In those periods of my tribulations, you were there and asked for my welfare. So, my wife is here, and we wish you well and must take this opportunity to thank you for your compassion and caring attitude, particularly those difficult years. 

The second point, I must say that you always refer to the issue of understanding and appreciation. The West normally talks about tolerance, religious tolerance, culture tolerance, but you consistently talks about understanding and the appreciation. There must be a big difference. You know we discuss the term “تعارف” (te-allafu) in Islam, that means to understand and learn and appreciate one another. And I think, for a multi-racial, multi-religious, country like Malaysia and the region, I think this inter-religious, inter-civilizational dialogue is important. Confucious talked about the self, family, society, the universe, and Heaven. In Islam, our concept of Prophet, understanding is similar. It’s spiritual, material, it’s family and universal appreciation of values. You have made such an immense contribution. I’m very fortunate because all those years in prison, I've asked for all your writings in English for me to go through, so now I’m an avid Tu Weiming leader and I can give a lecture on Tu Weiming and his thoughts. 




Thank you very much. And I do appreciate it. And also, I think from the Islamic point of view, in addition to fairness and justice, in terms of mutual understanding – compassion, and love turned out to be also outstanding. It is the ability to think in terms of others. It’s the ability to do things in the spirit of benefiting, not only oneself, but the one’s community and humanity as a whole, that we cherish this notion about compassion. Even more so than the idea of justice and the idea of the others. Thank you for your comment. 



The final, final words, Prof. Tu Weiming, you know, in this world, where there is so much discord and identity politics and the growing fascism. It is, of course, very concerning. We need people like you to continue this mission, to get people to understand and appreciate and not to sow the seed of disaccord. You have to advise us now. And we need your remarks. What else do we need to do? At least in Malaysia, I'm in a position to influence a bit the direction. What we can do, and also for the ASEAN and the region, and what's your advice? 



I think the Asian spirit of collaboration, of communication, of mutual understanding and mutual appreciation, that's the basis for building the community. Do not do unto others what you would not like others to do unto you. To be able to know yourself, so you'll be able to understand yourself in the eyes of others. And also, in the eyes of others, how you, as a co-member of the human community would be able to continue to open yourself up, broaden your scope as a human being, but also as a direct participant in the ongoing enterprise of mutual appreciation. As the world becomes modernized, it also becomes complicated and controversial. This particularly important, not only to be able to develop dialogue, but it's a mutually beneficial dialogue to try to understand the others in terms of the those oneself to establish one's own subjectivity, one's own inner-conscious direction, not just as a way of personal appreciation, but also as a way of harmonizing relationships among others. This continuous process of self-understanding, reciprocity towards others, and how, through self-understanding, one’s appreciation of others becomes greatly enhanced.

It's the notion of forming one body with Heaven and Earth as myriad things. Heaven is my father, earth is my mother. All things are my companions, and all people are my brothers and sisters. It is sense of sanguinity. People of mutual penetrating, mutual understanding is the basis of the dialogue. And the basis of dialogue is the basis of mutual harmony in the world. And in a world where we confronted with all kinds of controversy, confronting with all kinds of extremism. This notion that is rooted in the Confucian tradition of reciprocity, the Confucian tradition of humanity. That is the notion when Confucius's disciples said, that the human burden is heavy, and human road is long, because burden of humanity is I, as a person, regard humanity as my burden. And the road is long, because I struggle to feel this road until I passed away. This lifelong commitment to self-understanding and other understanding is really the basis of a dialogue and communication. Thank you.


这是“仁者以天地万物为一体”的观念。正所谓,乾称父,坤称母, 民吾同胞,物吾与也。因而,人之间的相互交流、相互理解不仅是对话的基础,更是在这个纷争不息、极端主义盛行的世间,实现和谐的前提。这一观念根植于儒家传统的恕道和仁道,如曾子所言:“士不可以不弘毅,任重而道远。仁以为己任,不亦重乎?死而后已,不亦远乎?”这种对自知与知人的终生承诺,是交流与对话的真正基石。谢谢。


Thank you, Professor TU Weiming. It's been an honor not (only) for me, but the entire delegates here. And I'm sure this will be widely circulated, viral in Malaysia and also in the international community. I am reminded about the principle of reciprocity, of Confucian ethics, and also the issue of rahma (رحمة) and compassion, which is strongly expounded both in Islam and in Confucian ethics. We are trying in our Madani concept in Malaysia to put this issue of trust of amanah (أمانة) of rahma (رحمة) or compassion, and take responsibility in terms of reciprocity. So thank you again, xie xie ge wei.



Thank you. Thank you. Please send great regards to your wife and your students. Thank you.




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